2 Different Mosques in 2 Weeks!

Assalamualaikum loyal, avid readers!

We're back again with a new blog post, Alhamdulillah
In the first blog post, we unravelled how we came about our business. As mentioned above, we managed to get 2 different sponsors for the 2 weeks consecutively. For the first week, the mosque that benefited from this initiative was Darul Aman Mosque. 
For the second week, we were to provide 50 bottles of Signature Teh and 100 packs of Briyani to Darul Ghufran Mosque.
The mosque will usually take pictures of the jemaah collecting the food / drinks and have them sent to us so that we can give our customers the updates accordingly. Alhamdulillah, it has been a beneficial initiative and we hope to continue this initiative for as long as we can. Even though we are not the ones fully sponsoring, we're only glad that we are helping YOU to do this. Insha Allah, may our efforts too, will not go in vain. 
Should any of you be interested to be our next sponsor, do contact us through our IG DM @tehmami.sg or email us at hellotehmami@gmail.com


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