A double for Masjid Mydin!


Guess who tagged us on IGStory because he got a bottle of Teh after his Friday Jemaah prayers? CHEF BOBBBBBBBBBB!!!! We honestly didn't expect it truly. Alhamdulillah, and if you happen to be reading, thanks for the shoutout, Chef! So that was one out of the 150 bottles sent out to Masjid Mydin. (see proof below!)


The week after that, 80 Briyanis were sponsored to go out to Masjid Mydin again! So far, we have a couple of Masjids that are 'regulars' with us and it's all thanks to you sponsors! We hope to be able to sponsor to more mosques in time to come, hopefully islandwide! Pray for us. 

Once again, if you wish to sponsor, do send us an IG DM or email us at hellotehmami@gmail.com

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