#FeedTheJemaah - How it all started.


Here is our very first blog post and our very first #FeedTheJemaah. I thought that having this blog in our website will allow for customers to keep track of the progression and perhaps you readers would want to know how it all came about so if you are interested, do continue reading! :) 

As most of you all know, TehMami first started off simply by giving our family and friends bottles of our Mum's teh during the month of Ramadan 2020. This was because Covid was around and we could not gather for Iftar as we usually would. Fast forward, one of us mentioned something about selling it online, having proper stickers, logo... basically a REAL company. Obviously we weren't sure at first and we all thought it was merely a joke. But we came up with the logo and the social platform within a day and everyone was agreeable and it all just happened! 

Moving on, once the stickers were printed, our business started running. Bottles by bottles, we were now selling 500 bottles within the first week with the limited equipment that we had in our kitchen. SAY WHAT! It was truly surreal. 

But that was not enough for our business driven co-founder. He wanted to have more than just our Signature TEH. He wanted something that would complement the TEH. And that's how our very own co-founder, learned to make Briyani not from one, but THREE people. He then adjusted the recipe to make it solely his. That is how our Briyani started. 

One fine day, a close family member mentioned that she would like to give back to the mosque. She requested for 150 Briyani to be donated to the mosque for the jemaah of the Friday prayers.

She also suggested that we should start a service or rather, an initiative where people can simply choose to donate to the mosque of their choice and Teh Mami holds the responsibility to follow through with their wishes as much as we can. And i guess, that's how we're here! 

Alhamdulillah, we have now managed to continue this initiative as we have supportive and giving followers. So this blog will be a weekly update for you to track our progression if you have donated. 

Do stay tuned for the next blog post! 



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