High in demand!

Assalamualaikum everyone. 


We hope you are in the pink of health, insha Allah. We admit we have been lacking in the blog posts but that is only because we have been busy cooking The Briyani and brewing our Signature TEH. 

Our Signature TEH has been in demand as of late as we have been sending stocks to numerous shops. Alhamdulillah. We are still looking for shops to place our Signature TEH, so if any of you readers have any contacts or would like for our drinks to be placed in your shop / restaurant, do contact us! 

For our 3rd week of #FeedTheJemaah, we were blessed with 2 different sponsors. One of which sponsored 50 bottles of TEH and the other 54 bottles. Both of these sponsors requested for the drinks to be sent to Masjid Kassim. 

Our 4th week was a challenging one for us. We received a request for 300 bottles to be sent to Masjid Ansar for #FeedTheJemaah. Masha Allah, may Allah bless these kind souls. 

Once again, if you wish to sponsor, do send us an IG DM or email us at hellotehmami@gmail.com

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